I guess you can say that I’ve been a classic Volkswagen enthusiast for many years and I’ve owned several bugs but never had a chance to own a bus. I started searching around and ran into Gus in New York.  He is a 1972 Bay Bus, the same year I was born, I immediately fell in love with him. Having two VW bugs already I know he would be a perfect addition to the family. What we didn’t know is how happy he would make everyone who came in contact with him. Wherever we go people would give us the thumbs up and want to take pictures with him and some would even ask to jump in to take pictures.  That is when we decided why not make Gus a photo booth and continue to put smiles on peoples faces. Gus is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, corporate gatherings, photo shoots, or any other occasion. There is so much I love about this bus…. but the thing I love about it most is just jumping in it and going for a drive.